The Politics of Jesus

It’s election season and this presidential race might has everyone on edge. Partisan opinions on race, immigration, quality of life, security, the economy, gender equality, welfare entitlements and everything in between flood our news and social media feeds. The tension is real and only escalating.

As Christians, we are supposed to follow Jesus. But was Jesus political? What side would he take? Would he be a Republican or a Democrat; Green Party or Libertarian? What if he was none or all of the above?

On October 9th and 16th, we are going to examine the historical context surrounding Jesus’s time on earth as well as his ministry and message to help shine some light and hopefully perspective on how Jesus would vote.

Just in case you’re wondering, we are not, nor will we ever endorse a candidate of any party. This is not meant to encourage you to vote one way or the other. We are doing this to look at the cultural divide in our time and learn from Jesus as he dealt with the cultural divide in his.