New Series: No Matter What

If you spend much time watching the news, reading social media, following politics, or simply living life, you’ll find plenty of circumstances that could rob your joy and bring you down. However, the story of Jesus and the hope we have in the cross should keep us rejoicing no matter the situation. Does it?

Paul, hearing the Christians in Philippi were going through some hard times, writes a letter to encourage them to keep rejoicing while doing their part to help spread the good news of Jesus. Since he wrote the letter while sick, bruised, battered, and imprisoned in chains, his message of “joy…no matter what” came through loud and clear.

During our new series aptly titled, No Matter What, we will walk through Philippians and study the many wonderful lessons and reminders Paul gave us in his letter. Considering much of the division and negativity we currently sense in our nation, this could be one of the most aptly timed series we have ever done.