Man Day: Shooting Competition

Can you hear it?

It’s the call of the wild knocking on your heart again.

It’s the smell of meat wafting from the grill on a brisk April morning.

Yes, men can hear the smell of meat through the space-time continuum.

On April 29th, we are gathering again.

We will meet at Blue Moose Farms at 11:00 AM. Fellowship and devotion until 12:15. The best BBQ you’ve ever had at 12:30. Competition begins at 1:15.

Although being a man doing manly things is reward enough, there will be awards for the winners of the rifle, pistol, and skeet shooting competition.

Let us know you are coming by howling at the moon at night.

Actually, don’t do that. You might get arrested (crazy world). Just fill out this form.

Bring your best shot and we will take care of the rest.

See you there.