Kids Night Out & Man Day 2-for-1 Event

Kids Night Out and Man Day is a 2-for-1 event on February 10th from 6:00-8:30.

A 2-for-1 event?  How does that even work?

Like this.

Kids Night Out is a giant two and a half hour long party for your kids on February 10th from 6:00-8:30 PM. There will be pizza, games, movies, snacks, and certified, background-checked, adult childcare workers making sure everyone is safe and having a good time. All you have to do to participate is RSVP with this form and then drop your kids off after 6:00.

Men, our next event is simple: take your spouse on a date on February 10 from 6:00-8:30 PM. Why such a specific date and time?

Because at that same day and time there is this thing called Kids Night Out where Oak Leaf Church is offering to watch your kids for free. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of that? And so close to Valentines day? It’s a win-win. Let us know you’re down to be a man by RSVPing here.

We will watch your kids regardless of whether or not you have a spouse or want to on a date. Maybe you just need a break or want to go shopping or take a nap. Doesn’t matter to us. RSVP and drop your kids off and let us give you the break you deserve.