We Need Volunteers!

When the owner/operators of all the Chick-fil-as in Cherokee County asked us if we would help them with an event to benefit the Cherokee County Special Olympics and the Cherokee County Education Foundation, we gave them an emphatic yes. We love it when we’re blessed with opportunities like this to prove God’s love. 

On August 6th, there will be over 1000 people right down the street outside our front door gearing up for the second Chick-Fil-A Connect Race Series in Canton, Ga. What a fantastic opportunity to display God’s love with action for the people in our community.

What do they need from us? 50 volunteers.

That’s it. 50 people willing to get up early and serve those who have come out to the race. Yes, it is early. Volunteers need to be there at 6:00 AM to help setup and prepare for registration which begins at 7:00. The actual race begins at 8:00.

Don’t think about how early it is on a Saturday. Think about how throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to build relationships and prove God’s love with participants and their families while serving in a vital role.

Plus, you will get a free t-shirt and the whole thing is done by 11:00.

This is our next Big Give so let’s


prove God’s love in a huge way. Sign up to serve our city HERE.


1. Will there be childcare?

Yes. Childcare will be available in the Oak Leaf Kids building. Please email christine@oakleafchurch.com to let her know how many kids you need childcare for.

2. Can I volunteer and run in the race?

Yes, you just need to mention that on the registration form under “special concerns” so they know. You will just need to register to run in the race (it is a fundraiser as well). You will be done by 8:00 to run. Most likely, you will help most with setup/tear down.  

3. Can I volunteer later that 6 AM?

Yes, you just need to mention that on the registration form under “special concerns” so they know that you will be arriving later than 6 AM.  These people will mostly be helping clean and pack up everything or cheering the racers on. 

4. Where do I check in to volunteer?

All volunteers need to go to the gazebo in Cannon Park. There will be a registration tent.