Caveman Brunch

Has caveman and brunch ever gone together? No. Until now. That’s what men do. We take the impossible and make it reality. We take something that shouldn’t work and we fix it so it does. That’s what caveman brunch is, a potluck style gathering for men.

When is the Caveman Brunch? The 16th day of month of July in the year of our Lord 2016. 11:30 AM until we feel like being done. Let us know if you plan to attend by CLICKING HERE. We will need time to prepare your presence.

Why the Caveman Brunch? Simply, it’s bunch of guys being guys around a bunch of other guys with some breakfast and/or lunch food items thrown in. A special guest will share his testimony and then we are going to shoot stuff and play games.

What should I bring to the Caveman Brunch? A food item preferably made with bacon, butter, and other delicious ingredients. It should make Paula Deen blush. We kindly ask you leave the hipster granola, Napa Valley inspired light fare at home.

Where is the Caveman Brunch? It’s at Blue Moose Farms (a.k.a. Gilbert Simpson’s house in Jasper). Most men will just follow their instincts and the smell of bacon. If you need directions, just ask and someone will point towards the general vicinity for you.

Who can come? Men. If that is still confusing, you should probably not attend. If you are a man, you are welcome. If you are a real man, you’ll bring other men with you. Everyone knows men travel with a posse or in packs like wild timberwolves.

Bring your artillery, ammo, and appetite and get ready to have a good time.