2017 Christmas Offering

As the year comes to a close, our annual Christmas Offering is going to focus on two immediate needs. The first is concerning the BOLD Initiative. 100% of the funds that come in for BOLD over its two year period are designated specifically to capital expenses involving facility needs. These include the purchase of the building, the current renovation project, and any future expansions. None of these funds are used for our regular operating budget. This year’s Christmas Offering is the perfect time to catch up on pledges already made and give another boost to the capital we need to finish the renovation as quickly as possible.

The second need concerns our regular operating budget. In an effort to be good stewards of all God provides us, we usually set next year’s budget on 90% of the current year’s giving. We also always set aside 10% of our budget to support organizations in the community we utilize or partner with such as MUST Ministries, The Timothy House, The Hope Center, and SERV International. As incredible as it has been to see so many faithfully give above and beyond towards the BOLD Initiative, our general giving to the operating budget has fallen behind significantly. This year’s Christmas Offering is a great opportunity to help us fulfill our commitments and maintain a healthy budget for next year.

We are not asking for more money. We are hoping and praying those who have financially given to support Oak Leaf Church will continue to do so and those who have already made pledges to the BOLD Initiative will use the Christmas Offering as an opportunity to fulfill those commitments. In addition, this is a great opportunity for those who have not yet made pledges to jump on board.

This year will most assuredly go down as one of the greatest in our history. Not only have we had more people trust Jesus in salvation and follow Him in obedience with baptism, but we were also led to purchase our building. By doing so we have put firm roots in the city of Canton and, as you can tell from the renovations, are getting to do even more to prove God’s love in the years to come. You are helping make all of this happen.

The Christmas Offering will take place on December 17th during the Sunday services. Please prayerfully consider being a part of this year’s important Christmas Offering. It is because of your generosity we are able to do what we do and pursue audacious dreams that will bring the hope of Jesus and the joy of salvation to those that need the love of God.